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What if I have bad credit?

No banks are involved. We do have certain financial requirements, but we focus more on an Applicant’s job and income history and whether they have had any felonies or evictions. The bottom line is we are looking for good people who may have run into hard times, but are working hard now to make a go of it

What type of person is this opportunity for?

Anyone who wants a great, once in a lifetime opportunity to own your very own home . Many of our residents are either:
Young couples just starting out, who want to start building equity in a home;
Military personnel or their family;
Retirees or those getting ready to retire;
People on fixed income;
Those tired of snoopy neighbors & loud music next door in thin-walled apartments; or
Those wanting pets, that are not allowed in most apartments.

How long will this opportunity be available, because I really like the idea of paying low lot rent

Not long. As with most opportunities, they go quickly, because others grab them ASAP. We only have a few more homes available, so better act fast.

How much money will I need to move in?

You can move in without paying the last month rent in advance, saving you up to $600.
We will even let you pay the $350 security deposit at the rate of $50/mth for 7 months, saving you another $350 out of pocket.
So, all you will need to move in, is the 1st month rent!!!

How much down payment will there be?

That’s one of the great things about this… YOU DON’T NEED ANY DOWN PAYMENT!!!

How much extra rent will I pay to get the rent credits?

$0. You pay the same rent, whether you want Rent credits  to buy the mobile home, or are just renting.

Is there a final large lump sum payment?

NO!!! After you accumulate sufficient credits, we will simply give you the mobile home.

When does my rent go down to lot rent only?

When you have paid your rent on time for 12 months. It could not be easier!!!

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

We pay for large items, such as: electrical, roof leaks and some plumbing repairs.
You pay for things that cost under $100, such as broken windows, clogged toilets or drains.

How much is lot rent?

Lot rent averages around $325. So instead of paying apartment rent of $700/month or more, you would pay 1/2 of that, a HUGE SAVINGS.

After I own the mobile home , can I move the mobile home out of the Mobile Home Park?

Once you own your mobile home, there will be a 1 year lease at the low lot rate. After that, you can move the mobile home wherever you want, or just leave it where it is.

Who pays for utilities?

You do. Just like any home you rent, you pay your own utilities.

What other initial costs might I have?

Utility deposits are possible. If you have local utilities in your name, they will simply transfer
service over. If not, the utility company will want a deposit as follows:
MS Power: $250
City of Gulfport (water, sewer and garbage): $190

What if I have to move, lose my job or can no longer afford to pay rent?

You forfeit your accumulated rent credits. It’s treated just as a rental, after all, you have paid nothing extra for the Rent Credits.

Can I sign up and then rent out my home to others?

No. We believe that our residents who own their own home, have a higher pride of ownership, and are better tenants and neighbors than renters. If you have ever rented an apartment, you know what I am talking about.

What if I refer my family, friends or coworkers and they sign up?

We get many referrals and have a reward program. When you refer someone who meets our requirements and who move in and pay their rent on time for 3 months, who are not otherwise evicted for rule or lease violations, we  pay you a “thank you” amount, currently $150. Refer 2 people and make $300.
Your reward is paid after they have moved in and paid rent on time for 3 months.

This is a great way to “Pick Your Neighbors” and make some easy money in the process.

How do I get started now with Rent Credits so I can my own home?

Call 228 213 3258 today and talk with one of our friendly staff. We will be glad to answer any questions you have & take you on a tour of the property and homes. But, you better act fast, you don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

228 213 3754

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